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Dr Andrew Kim – Fellow of College of Korean Cosmetic Surgery
  • Graduate of UNSW, Sydney, Australia
  • Master Degree and PhD in Medicine from Chung-Ang University Medical School, Seoul, Korea
  • Member of Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery
  • Member of Japan Society of Liposuction Society
  • Member of The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Director of Asian Cosmetic Surgery and Australian Institute of Hair restoration, Australia

When it comes to beauty, getting more definition to facial features is highly preferable. Today more individuals, especially those who are of Asian descent, find that Asian eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty adds character and attractiveness to their face. 

Since Asians are the largest demographic when it comes to this procedure, it is only right that experts come up with an approach suited for their specific features.

So what  is Asian Rhinoplasty procedure? 

Since Asian noses take a wider and flatter appearance, what surgeons often do is to increase the projection of the nose. This can be achieved by inserting grafts or implants which are often positioned at the bridge of the nose but leaving the tip off. This is to maintain the natural Asian characteristic of the nose. 

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How much is Asian rhinoplasty in Sydney and Melbourne? 

In Australia, the price for this type of service can range from $5,000-$10,000. As you can see, it would take a considerable amount from your budget to get your own rhinoplasty procedure done. However, there are clinics in Australia that offers patient financing for their first time patients. 

How is Asian Rhinoplasty done in your clinic?

"Although we make more proportional nose but we don't want to make exactly like Western nose, so whatever the nose which suitable for your face. So the way I do the operation is I go in to the nose, I harvest the cartilage and then I release your soft tissue of the skin of the nose and then I do the more extension." ~ Dr Andrew Kim, MD.


Double eyelid surgery procedure

Asian double eyelid surgery is considered to be an ambulatory procedure that is done under local anesthesia. Surgeons use two approaches to achieve the change in the epicanthal fold while also maintaining that Asian feature. These techniques are the incision and incisionless double eyelid surgery.

Incisional double eyelid surgery

With the use of incisions the surgeons is able to create a more precise placement of the eyelid folds. This technique enables the surgeon to gain better control over the fat deposits of the upper eyelids, excess muscle as well as surplus of upper eyelid skin.

However, due to the invasiveness of the procedure this takes more time to heal, and it has the high tendency to create a conspicuous scar that may be irreversible.

Non-incisional double eyelid surgery

This technique is most suitable for Asians who have minimal fat on the upper eyelid that does not sag significantly. To create a secondary crease,  the surgeon would only use incisions on the upper eyelid. However the result may not be as dramatic as the incision technique, but it takes lesser time to finish that does not create any scars when closing the eyes.

Since it is not as invasive, the results may not be as durable as its counterpart.

Double Eyelid Surgery

What to expect during consultation and surgery?

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